Best of the Blogs – 15 November 2016

By on 15 November, 2016

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If last week’s shock U.S. election result teaches us anything, may it be that the geographic distribution of voting preferences can be grossly misunderstood. In the lead up to the election, nearly all polls and predictions failed. This article shows there is more than one way to model an election, and ultimately come to understand the true desires of a nation. [National Geographic]



Similarly, there’s also many ways to map global climate change. Such a complicated matter cannot be shown in just one map, hence why we need this compilation of 11 maps. While they cannot show all, at least they will show you what are the reasons behind it and the consequences that are already emerging. [Geoawesomeness]



Every city has its own unique characteristics, and often a map is incapable of expressing them. Sometimes only an artist can capture the unique layers folded into the fabric of a city. Japanese photographer Sohei Nishino weaves these distinct nuances into each city of his massive monochromatic Diorama Maps series. [Atlas Obscura]



Mapping slum areas is critical if cities are to bridge the gap between the bustling, informal economies of their shantytowns and richer districts. Too often the poor are denied a say in the economic development of their own urban communities. To empower these people a movement of ‘barefoot surveyors’ is helping to fill the gaps by empowering slum residents with mobile phones to map and document crucial local demographic data. [Reuters]



In its pursuit of “smart cities,” experts believe India is becoming a drier, hotter and angrier country in the process. This in depth article paints a picture of a country that has overlooked tradition and green spaces as it strives for a modern ideal- and what lessons other economies can learn. [Quartz]


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